Welcome Home to Exterior Doors

The entryway into your home is the threshold to security and comfort for you and your family each day, and warmly welcomes guests and visitors.

Style, and elegance with modern engineered energy efficiency is what you demand of today’s sophisticated entry doors. Whether it’s your home’s front door, your garage door, or the gliding slider/patio door to your back deck, Your Exterior Pros will walk you through an inspection/consultation to help you decide which door is best for your needs.

Your Exterior Pros technicians will individually inspect each door on your property for obvious signs of wear and tear or damage that may be compromising the security and energy efficiency of your home. We will also make sure that the doorframe and threshold of each door in properly adjusted and intact.

Annual Door Inspection – will give you peace of mind knowing your exterior doors are secured property, making sure they are in the best possible condition, or if repair or replacement is needed. Doors are open and closed, sometimes slammed shut, door knobs and locks are turned or locked/unlocked several times a day, and it’s always exposed damaging heat, rain and wind.  Not only are the doors in our homes responsible for protecting us from the outside elements but they are also the first line of defense to protect valuable property and mostly, our loved ones.

Door Hardware & Security – Finally, our door professionals are going to make sure that the hardware in all doors is working correctly, and that the locking mechanism provides you with the level of security and stability that you need the most.


Patio and Sliding Doors – Here in Savannah and coastal South Carolina regions, we take advantage of our home’s 3 seasonal outdoor spaces. Investing in beautiful, high efficiency patio doors, that easily open and close with one finger will make accessing your patio or deck a pleasure.

A Swing Patio door adds beauty and elegance to the home while providing the energy efficiency you demand. This multi-paned door is available in either a single (garden) or double (french) configuration in either “in” or “out” swing.

A Lift/Slide door – will fill a room with light and provide an unobstructed view to the outside. The PVC door system provides state of the art technology tailored to your specifications. It will become the central design element of any room, turning the handle a full 180 degrees, and the operating panel unlatches and can be easily rolled along its track on stainless steel rollers to provide ventilation or egress.

We will also repair or replace window screens and doors. Screens are vital especially in our warm humid climate, and work quite well at keeping away our popular sandfly and other bugs, and other unwanted critters from venturing from the patio into the main house.

Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Repair Services in Savannah GAGarage doors are heavy, mechanically complex machinery. If not properly maintained they can be a hazard, falling on top of car roofs and injuring people and pets. Apart from periodic oiling or greasing, this is one instance in which do-it-yourself repair is not recommended. If your garage door struggles to close, falls more quickly than it used to, sticks, or just makes a disturbing noise when moved, please call Your Exterior Pros as soon as possible for a free inspection.

From a security perspective, garage doors are one of the most important points of access to your home. It often connects to your home through an interior door which can easily be burglarized. Even worse, if criminals can gain access to your garage while the house is empty, they can park a vehicle inside and take their time loading up!

Periodic Garage Door Maintenance – will keep your automatic door opening and closing smoothly, without slamming, shrieking, sticking or shimmying. This prevents the problem from getting worse, perhaps eventually requiring total replacement.

Garage Door Finishing – The Savannah climate is not always kind to exterior wood surfaces, and your garage door might not still be looking its best. Your Exterior Pros skilled crew can strip, sand, seal and varnish a typical door within a few hours, even if the door has to be removed to make this possible. This is one quick fix to improve the appearance and value of your biggest investment.

Let’s talk doors – Contact us for a free inspection and consultation.