Signs that show your roof shingles are going to fail

by Millie Hoover on August 1, 2018

Signs that show your roof shingles are going to failIs My Roof Failing?

Getting roof repair services at the right time is very important. If you don’t repair the roof on time, the damage will worsen. You might have to replace the entire roof, which can be very expensive. For roof repair, you need a team of experts. As an established exterior renovations company, we are providing the best services in the area. You can contact the experts on GA: 912-250-4730 and SC: 843-410-5877.

If you want to know whether your roof is failing or not, here are some of the signs to watch out for.

Curled shingles

When damage to the roof begins, the first sign you will notice is  your shingles starting to curl. Heat and humidity damage shingles over time, and the material that holds them together will be damaged as well. You will notice granules  starting to form on the roof and after some time the shingles will curl from the corners. It is the first warning sign that your roof is failing and you need to take some precautions. If you repair your roof at this stage, you will not have to deal with any issues in the future.

Dirty areas on your roof

If you don’t pay attention to the curled shingles,  dirty patches on the roof will start to appear.

  1. On the curled areas of the shingles, dirt will start to accumulate. It can be dust or other substances.
  2. There are chances that mold will form in these areas of the roof that will appear as dark and dirty patches.
  3. Humidity is perfect for moss and after some time it will cover your entire roof. It will become hard to repair the roof. If the moss spores enter your house, you will have to deal with serious issues.

Signs that show your roof shingles are going to failLoose or missing roof shingles

One of the signs that damage to your roof is becoming serious is loose or missing shingles. When the curled shingles don’t get repaired on time, the material binding shingles to the roof will be affected. It will lose its strength, which means that the shingles will loosen and slight movement will make the loosened shingles fall to the ground.

Interior water damage

Once there are missing shingles on the roof there are chances that you will have to deal with water damage. Slight rain will let water to enter your house. In the beginning, you might not notice because the water will stay at the upper layer. However, after some time you will notice huge water patches on the roof. If you don’t take immediate steps there are chances that water will start dripping into the house. It will cause the walls and other parts of the house to get damaged, including furniture as well.

Overflowing gutters

If your roof is damaged, you will notice that the gutters will start to overflow. It is a clear indication that the roof is not in the excellent condition because it is not controlling the flow of water. Another aspect you have to notice is that if there is water accumulating around your foundation, it is also the sign that roof is not working properly and you have to repair it as soon as possible to ensure that you can protect the roof and your house from any kind of damage.

Loose or exposed nailsSigns that show your roof shingles are going to fail

When you are looking for signs that show your roof is damaged, you have to make sure that you check the interior as well. There are chances that the roof looks perfect from the exterior but damage has started from the interior. If you find any kind of loose nails on the exterior of your house, it is a sign that soon you will have to deal with  damaged or missing shingles. Make sure that you take the right steps as soon as possible because that is the only way you will get the services that you have been looking for.

Sunlight is entering your house from roof

There are chances that none of the above signs will show when you check your roof. However, if you have been living in the house for many years and you do not know that the last time you repaired the roof, you should have an expert inspect it.  You should know that there are some minor signs that you might not be able to identify and only the experts will be able to find the issues.

Bottom line

We have been working as an exterior remodeling company for many years. Our experts are available in different areas including

  1. Savannah GA
  2. Pooler GA
  3. Hinesville GA
  4. Hilton Head Island SC
  5. Beaufort SC
  6. Hardeeville SC

These are areas are commonly hot and humid. This is why we see more roof damage than  other areas. Our experts will examine the entire roof to find the areas that need repair. We will use the best quality shingles and materials to repair the entire area. For more information make sure to consult the experts.

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