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First of all, are you building a new home or planning to renovate your home’s exterior? Why do “al la carte services” when you can have quality 5 star home services all “under one roof”!

Your Exterior Pro’s strives to be the leading home exterior renovation and Roofing Company in your area. In addition, we provide quality repairs and installations for roofing, windows, doors, siding, gutters and painting. Ultimately, offering multiple services for homes and businesses will save you time and money by allowing us to consolidate our crews and management teams. Finally, go with a roofing company with great reviews. Read more about our reviews here.

ReRoofing Is a Big Decision
But We Make It Easy

In addition, If you are considering reroofing and perhaps painting or replacing siding, let our designers show you styles and colors to help visualize which designs work best. Most of all, let us provide an estimate for roofing, siding or painting, and windows together for a pristine, quality makeover. All of YEP’s quotes are free, as well as our design services – we will show you your home from the curb — with your new look!

Especially relevant to many of our customer is our free design services. Check out this page dedicated to our free design services.

neutral and low country hues/colors. We also offer mechanically fastened metal roofing. We also offer today’s most popular mechanically fastened metl roofing systems with a large variety of colors and thicknesses.

Plenty Of Metal Roof Options

Ultimately, Your Exterior Pros strives to be your leading roofing company in Savannah and surrounding areas. Including; Thunderbolt, Georgetown, Montgomery Crossroads, Garden City, Port Wentworth, Vernonburg and the island communities. Skidaway Island, Isle Of Hope, Talahi Island, Whitemarsh Island, Wilmington Island and Tybee Island. Because we are current with all local code requirements, we will take care of processing area permits as needed. Furthermore, we provide you with expertise in all areas of home renovation and designs. All of our contractors are fully licensed and bonded/insured.

leading roofing contractors

Your Exterior Pros- As leading roofing contractors, we have experience in roof repairs and installations at historic downtown Brownstone town homes.

As well as community subdivisions/areas with one to four level homes, as well as coastal beach cottages and homes. In conclusion, we are the best value proposition for a roofing company in Savannah. When you consider our price, quality of local shingles and a written warranty you can trust; the choice is easy!

Windows & Doors

New windows and doors can transform the facade of your beach cottage or residential home. Vinyl replacement windows are recommended in this area because of the hot, humid, salt air climate. The best beach house doors are made of fiberglass that not only resists moisture but expansion. Try installing a fiberglass or vinyl storm door, as these materials will not rust in the moist coastal warm climate.

Let Your Exterior Pros top-rated, leading window and door replacement company provide a free quote. These high quality products will maintain their beauty for many years. You will also save on your utility bills, with very little maintenance! Scheduling both jobs together will reduce your costs by consolidating our crews and management time. We are one or the top rated window and door contractors in Hilton

Head. Service areas including the areas of Windmill Harbor, Harbourtown, Coligny Beach Park, and the many communities including Hilton Head Plantation. Call us for a free consultation and let us become your top-rated leading window and door replacement contractor! In conclusion, we are the best option for window replacement. This is based on price and quality.

Let’s Not Forget Shutters

Exterior window shutters are the decorative face of your home, and come in four basic types. Thes einclude paneled, louvered, board and batton (sometimes called BnB) and Bermuda. They are available in a variety of materials including MDF (medium density fiber) We also can provide vinyl, synthetic foam, faux wood and wood. Your Exterior Pros sales technicians can show you the many different technologies in shutter designs. They will also guide you in in choosing a perfect fit for your coastal area home.

Caribbean-style cedar shutters weather beautifully and can handle sun and moisture while protecting outdoor areas. These designs are perfect for extreme coastal weather conditions. Cedar wood also works well in salt air and it actually helps preserve the wood, making it last up

to several decades. This product is well served in Hilton Head and the areas of Windmill Harbor, Harbourtown, Coligny Beach Park, and the many communities including Hilton Head Plantation.


Your Exterior Pro’s has been highly rated on social media as we expand to be the leading siding repair and installation company in Hilton Head. We also service the areas of Windmill Harbor, Harbourtown, Coligny Beach Park, and the many communities including Hilton Head Plantation. Vinyl siding is one of the most popular all around due to it’s lower cost and low maintenance. It also expands and shrinks, meaning this material works well in a variety of issues. Vinyl siding is also great because color penetrates so it never has to be painted. As a leading siding contractor, YEP has serviced a variety of quality, long lasting siding products for many coastal communities.

Of all siding, fiber cement (or HardiPlank) offers the most beautiful textures and realistic wood grains. Fiber cement siding comes in a

wonderful selection of colors and shapes. Without a doubt, fiber cement siding will outperform every type of siding on the market. If you want to spend your hard-earned money on something consistent and reliable, fiber cement board is it. The technology of this siding stands out from all other materials when building in high wind zones such as coastal areas like Hilton Head Island. It also has strong resistant to insects that bore through wood, as well as having a class 1 (A) fire protection!

Exterior Painting

Choosing the best exterior paint is especially important in coastal areas. Paint is what protects your home from the elements, but even the very best quality paints need frequent maintenance in extreme conditions. The sun’s ultraviolet rays break down chemical compounds in paint. Bleaching or “Photodegradation” is fading caused by the sun. It’s not always that noticeable until you compare a sun-exposed portion of painted surface to a newly-painted or non-exposed portion. During a hot summer, you may notice the paint on your door bubbling or blistering, and if it does pop, the wood or stucco beneath becomes exposed to the elements and it should be repaired immediately. That’s wear we can help!

Let YEP leading painting company do the hard work (and risky work) of painting your home! We will provide a free consultation and very

competitive quotes! We are honored to be selected as a lead preferred painting contractor for Sherwin-Williams paint and stains. Their exceptional exterior paint features an exclusive cross-linking 100% acrylic technology for exceptional durability and life span. It has extreme resistance to blistering, peeling, chalking, fading and dirt pickup. We provide excellent services in Hilton Head Island including areas of Windmill Harbor, Harbourtown, Coligny Beach Park, and the many communities including Hilton Head Plantation.

Gutters & Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts aren’t the most glamorous part of your home’s facade, but they serve a great service to protect your home’s exterior and interior structural integrity. Coastal climates and storms over time can pour buckets of rain on your roof. Without working gutter systems, water will flow by the most direct route to the ground. Sheets of water flow down your windows and siding and create moisture buildup and rot. Even worse, the runoff pounds down on the earth along your roofline.

This can lead to basement leaks and threats to the foundation. Proper installation of working gutters and downspouts put gravity to work by creating a water-channeling system to avert water from your home and foundation.

Your Exterior Pros offers top leading gutter repair and installation. We offer quality and affordable gutter systems in a variety of products and styles to fit your home’s needs. We are the best leading gutter contractor in Hilton Head Island including areas of Windmill Harbor, Harbourtown, Coligny Beach Park, and the many communities including Hilton Head Plantation.

We’re happy when our clients are happy! Check us out on Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! The majority of our clients find us by searching “roofing company Hilton Head” and review our 5.0 five star Google ratings and testimonials. We also love to hear a first time caller say a current/previous customer referred them to us. This is the highest compliment we can achieve – a “word of mouth” referral!

Our Service Areas

Your Exterior Pro’s is becoming Hilton Head Island’s leading exterior and roofing company. This simply means that we provide expert products and services for roofing, windows, doors, siding, gutters and painting. We serve the city of Hilton Head and Hilton Head Island. Our service also includes areas of Windmill Harbor, Harbourtown, Coligny Beach Park, and the many communities including Hilton Head Plantation.

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To summarize, you will find our estimates very reasonable and affordable. We would love to earn your business next. Please – Click on our map below that shows some of the jobs we’ve performed. These jobs included areas around Hilton Head and Hilton Head Island. We also serve the areas of Windmill Harbor, Harbourtown, Coligny Beach Park, and the many communities including Hilton Head Plantation. Call us today at (843) 410-5877 to schedule a free roof inspection/consultation, or fill out this form and we will be in contact with you shortly!
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