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by admin on October 10, 2018

Screened in Porch InstallersWhen you think of building a screen porch for your house, you have to decide the theme, color, type of material for your screen porch. The main thing that you should try to search is screened in porch installers near me. A common reason to build a screen porch is to get protection against the bugs. Screening of doors porches and windows have the same primary functions to perform which can be “keeping the bugs out.” Since it was a popular porch type in the 1800s. But the screening purposes of the present time are something more than keeping the insects out.

There are different types of screening material that are available in the market. To get help with selecting the right screening material for your screen porch, you can visit “Your Exterior Pro”. They can provide you the best suggestions about what kind of material is suitable for the project of your screen porch. You can ask any question that you have in your mind by calling on GA: 912-250-4730 SC: 843-410-5877. They can give you expert advice and can help you to solve your problems related to the construction of the screen porch. You can get a better idea by visiting them about the themes, materials or color combinations, etc. that you can adopt. A better expert suggestion can give you better options to complete the process.

Types of Screen Material available

You can get the following types of screen material easily in the market. You can select one that you find a better option for screening the porch of your house.

1. Fiberglass

Fiberglass is the most common type of screen material that is being used in screen porches for a long time. Fiberglass is one of the most inexpensive screening materials. Visibility level is better for fiberglass, and it is just because of the lesser glare of sun light. The main advantage of this type of screening material is that it is easy to install and provide clear visibility. Disadvantages of this type of screening material are that it can be torn or stretched easily than other types of screening material, but yet it is the mostly used screening material.

2. Aluminum

Aluminum is a standard screening material that is being used in the screen porches. It is the second most common type of screening material that is being used. But it is a bit expensive. It costs almost three times than the fiberglass screening material. If you are going to select the silver metal screen for the aluminum screening type material, then glare can be a problem for you. Aluminum screening provides an excellent level of visibility. Major advantages of using aluminum screening material are that it is more durable, reliable and gives excellent visibility. But it is a bit harder to install, costly and rigid type of screening material. You can get a screen of aluminum in black, gray and charcoal. You can get the best visibility with the black.

3. Premium metal

If you want to have an upscale material for your porch, you can prefer premium metal, which includes the screen in copper, bronze, stainless steel and monel which is a nickel-copper alloy. These screen types can give an elegant appearance to your screen porch. These screen types can be tough to install but are most reliable. These screen types are available in different colors. They can be a better choice in seaside climates.

4. Sun exposure control

If your porch tends to heat in summer, you can get sun-blocking screens for your screen porch. These screens can help you to keep the bugs and heat out. It maintains good exterior visibility. These screens can keep up to 90% heat of the sun out.

5. Pet-resistant

This type of screening material can be a better choice for the owners of pets. It is an expensive type of screen material. It is the strongest type of screen material than other standard types.

Some of the contractors may offer you to install manufactured screen panels on the screen porch of your house. These manufactured screen panels can be installed easily with the lesser fuss. Frames of these simple panels are made of aluminum that is available in different ranges. If you want to use these manufactured screen panels, you should concern with an expert for this. You can search the query screened in porch installers near me to know about the porch installers around you. you can get their suggestions by visiting them easily. And you can show them your porch place too for better measurements.

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