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If there is one part of your home that requires the most attention, it’s the roof over your head.  The roof of your home or business is the part of the structure that is required to keep the integrity of your property intact. This means making sure it is structurally sound to avoid leaks and other disastrous home repair issues.  Your Exterior Pros is the right choice in roofing professionals who offer years of experience in Residential Roofing.

Your Exterior Pros loves helping homeowners save money through better technology and research. Every home is a unique opportunity to create a more comfortable living space and to reduce monthly utility expenses through proper insulation and ventilation. We are proud to receive “Preferred Contractor” Certifications with Owens Corning and GAF companies. Our installers maintain a “preferred” status with Owens Corning because of our superior insurance levels, time in business and regular training at their facilities in Garden City, GA. And Owens Corning manufactures shingles right here in Chatham County!

Budget Wisely by Installing Siding and Roofing Simultaneously

Residential RoofingAre you planning to get a new roof and new siding for your home or business but afraid to because of the cost and the scheduling different jobs with different companies? You can save considerable time and money by hiring one company that provides both services.  Your Exterior Pros provides such a wide array of multiple services, to include roofing and siding, allowing home and business owners to save money and time by consolidating crews and management expenses.

Your Exterior Pros provides both residential and commercial roof and siding products professionally installed and serviced by local, experience tradesman. Let us save you the hassle and your precious time of having to hire multiple companies for quotes, repairs or services.  We will provide a free quote for both roof and siding services that include consulting with a design specialist to help select proper materials to meet your style and aesthetics at an affordable price.

Bundle Residential Roofing With Other Exterior Services

Different repairs may also need to be quoted and serviced together, especially after a damaging storm and other factors.  Your Exterior Pros will give you free quotes for multiple repairs such as roof, facia and soffit together, or roof, siding and shutter repairs, or window repair/replacement and deck replacement.  Whatever your needs, exterior services can be quoted at one time, at no cost to you, at very reasonable and competitive rates. Quoting multiple services will save you time and money, and rest assured your job(s) will be carefully managed by our Crew Supervisors and followed up closely by our Office/Customer Service team. We will take care of multiple services as needed to keep your home safe dry.

Our experience allows us to provide a variety of options, which translates to better choices for every budget.

Soffit and fascia – are vital components of a roof system, but quoted apart from the roof package. The terms soffit and fascia can be confused because they are usually referred to together, but they’re very different components with separate uses. Installing soffit and fascia together helps prevent mold and mildew resulting from moisture to enter your home’s rafters. Soffits and fascias also increase air ventilation and protect the areas of your home that are difficult to cover with paint. Your Exterior Pros will be happy to provide a free estimate for replacing facia and/or soffit. Including these products with installation of a new roof will save you money.

Quick Answers to FAQ’s

What type of roof do I need?  Roof installation packages are offered according to the type of roof (shingle/metal/tile/flat, rolled) to include durability and appropriate warranty in order to meet your expectations and budget. Various roof packages are offered as “good, better, and best” roofing materials that our expert Roof Professionals will review and recommend one that will work for you and your home.  YEP offers FREE Design Services to help make your roof selection much easier.  Included with your free quote will be free design options showing different shingle colors on a photo of your home!  Add siding, shutters, trim to transform your home facade.

How soon can someone come out to look and give me an estimate? We will schedule all quotes within 24-48 hours from your initial call. For roof inspections (re roof) and some repairs, with your permission, can be quoted without you being at the property. After our Roof Professional meets with you and gets specifications for the project, a quote will be emailed usually within 24 hrs. We don’t keep you waiting, your satisfaction is #1 at Your Exterior Pros! 

How long will it take to have my roof installed?  Your time is your money, and we will not waste any of it. Your Exterior Pros goal is to complete all roof replacement jobs in one day, and generally we can. Inclement/rainy weather may delay completion, or the size and/or structure of a roof may take more than one day but we do our best to finish, clean up and present the warranty all in one day. We don’t want to inconvenience our customers with a roof project stringing out day after day. Many of our customers have told us that they really appreciate how our crews efficiently handle the work and complete jobs so quickly. In doing this, people can get back to what they were doing after just one day.

How much is the deposit or amount down for my roof project?  There is no deposit for any of our jobs, you won’t make any payment until completion and when you are completely satisfied with the job.  After that an invoice will be emailed to you for payment to be made as soon as you can.  For more information about payments and financing, go here.

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