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Your Home Makeover

Every house has a style that can be enhanced and beautified with proper design and selection of siding, shutter and trim products. Whether it’s a ranch, cape cod, victorian or beach cottage styles, Your Exterior Pros can provide you with the siding solutions for your home’s most important makeover. Our Siding Professionals can meet with you to review various siding materials and technologies that will enhance, protect and beautify your home for years to come. You will be informed and feel comfortable making a decision to repair or replace your siding.

From inspecting your home, to setting up an installation schedule, to carrying out that schedule, you will find that Your Exterior Pros will keep you covered on every possible front. All it takes is a simple phone call — we will handle the rest. Before choosing a type of siding, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of the various options that are available to you and we can give you the insight necessary to make the right decision. There are many choices for siding which include vinyl, wood, cement fiber, metal, and much more:

Door Inspection

Is relatively less expensive initially because it costs less to install than wood, fiber cement and many other types of siding. In addition to the low-maintenance demands of vinyl siding, it also has a distinctive element of durability, but it can also be susceptible to damage from hail and wind. Our certified team of Siding Professionals have worked with all types of siding over the years and can go over various styles and the latest technology of this highly efficient product.

Insulated siding’s high R-value (resistance to heat) will keep energy costs manageable, giving you naturally cooler summers and efficiently warmer winters.

Siding Repair & Replacement Services

Wood siding

Is a low-cost solution, but requires regular maintenance of stain or paint. Also any wood products are susceptible to termites especially in our region of the country. Repairs may be necessary sometimes, but by and large, this is a material that can stand the test of time.

Fiber cement siding

Every homeowner wants aesthetic windows that would allow ample light and also facilitate privacy when needed. The windows should be operable allowing ventilation but must also be insulated to reduce the burden on the heating and cooling systems in the house.

Corrugated Steel Siding

Corrugated steel is an extremely durable option. It fortifies your home in a way that few other materials can match up to. It takes a lot of force to destroy steel siding. Steel is resistant to fire, weather, rot and bugs. Steel is not affected by hail, unlike weaker metals such as aluminumand steel has one of the highest dent resistance to hailstorms – very important data living in Savannah and surrounding

areas that frequently see severe storms and hurricanes. Corrugated steel costs less than brick, concrete, or fiber cement. However it will increase costs in labor and time of installation. You can also paint corrugated steel to your own custom color palette. Unfortunately, steel doesn’t provide much insulation for your home.

Siding repairs

Different types of siding materials have different maintenance requirements. Vinyl siding is a durable material, but it can certainly take a beating after any storm that features a significant amount of rain, wind, and hail. Metal home siding is particularly prone to dents and fading. Our Siding Professionals can repair the various siding products listed above, and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free quote and consultation. Check out some of our recent Siding jobs here.

Stucco repair

With the reasonable costs of stucco, its variety of applications, and the untold numbers of recipes for making it, stucco as a siding has been in use for hundreds of years. Traditional stucco is a cement type of mixture added to sand or lime. Stucco is often applied to brick or stone surfaces as well.


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