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House Gutters InspectionEven though the overwhelming majority of people – including homeowners that depend on them so much – overlook the gutters that have been installed on homes, and for good reason.

When gutters are working the way that they are supposed to – capturing runoff and then shuttling it to a downspout to be disposed of properly – they should be nearly invisible. In fact, if you notice your gutters at all the odds are very good that something is going wrong (and sometimes terribly wrong).

A proper gutter inspection with the help of professionals like ours here at the Your Exterior Pros operation will make sure that your gutters are working exactly the way that they are supposed to, without any backup, and without any damage that might cause a myriad of problems to your home – many of which can get very expensive in a hurry.

Here’s what professional gutter inspection services should include.

A quick cleaning of the gutters themselves

It’s absolutely impossible to properly perform a gutter inspection without first cleaning the gutters so that you can get a look at the inside of them without any obstructions. At the same time, most services that performed gutter inspection aren’t going to do a full in-depth clean out unless they have been paid to do exactly that.

Just make sure that your gutter inspection team as at least clean out a stretch of the gutters to give them a thorough inspection before they leave. It’s the only way to know exactly what you’re dealing with.

Flush gutters to see how the water flows

Another critical component of proper gutter inspection involves rigging up a garden hose and then flushing the gutters themselves, making sure that water is able to effortlessly flow throughout the gutter system and that it drains properly through the downspouts that have been installed.

Your gutter inspection crew should be on the lookout for leaks anywhere throughout the gutter run, but they should also be paying close attention to how quickly water comes out the downspout and whether it is distributed on the ground properly as well.

Slow moving water is definitely a sign that your gutters aren’t working the way that they should be. Leaks need to be addressed ASAP as they can compromise the gutter system itself, but backups and claws are the number one thing that needs to be taken care of so that stagnant water doesn’t become a major issue going forward.

If you’re looking to have a proper house gutters inspection taken care of contact us today and we’ll be able to help ASAP!

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