4 reasons exterior caulk fails and tips to prevent expensive damages

by Millie Hoover on August 1, 2018

4 reasons exterior caulk fails and tips to prevent expensive damages Most homeowners stay in the same house for many years. Often, this means homeowners will take on some home improvement projects. Many of these projects will involve exterior caulking. It’s extremely important to make sure any exterior caulking on your home is applied neatly and correctly.

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Exterior Caulking

Exterior caulking is used in place of sealant joint solutions. Caulking is the most difficult part of a  painting job. Gaps from poor construction or cracks that appear over time are very dangerous for your home. These gaps and cracks allows pests and moisture to enter your house very easily. So, the best way to prevent these issues is carefully sealing these gaps and cracks with flawlessly applied exterior caulking.

Why Does Exterior Caulk Fail? 

Some of the most important things behind the failure of your exterior caulking are:

  • Aging
  • Insufficient preparation of the surface
  • Incorrect caulk application
  • Poor quality exterior caulk


Your sealing material can grow weaker over time. If it’s been many years since you last applied exterior caulking to your home, it’s time to fix that. When exterior caulk ages it can cause problems. So to avoid problems like moisture and insects you have to replace your exterior caulking.

Caulk failure around windowsYou can tell it’s time to replace your exterior caulk when it’s extra dry, looks cracked, and breaks when touched. If your exterior caulk shows any of these signs, it’s aged and ready for replacement.

Insufficient Preparation of the Surface

Caulking can fail due to dirt, dust, moisture, or other impurities that are left on the surface when you apply it. All surfaces should be cleaned and dried thoroughly before you apply caulking. Additionally, you may need to use a sealant primer before applying caulking.

caulk and paint failure around trimIncorrect Caulk Application

It’s easy to choose the wrong type of caulking for your house. Different surfaces require different sealants, and therefore different caulking. Not every material or surface can be covered with the same type of caulking material, you should consult with a professional before applying it.

Poor Quality Exterior Caulking 

Caulking is most frequently used by house painters. So before letting them apply caulking, make sure they’re using a good quality material. You can consult a professional to learn more about this topic. But going into it realize that there are several primary types of caulking available including silicone based and 3 part (partially siliconized) caulking. some of these cannot be painted and others can.

How Do You Prevent Exterior Caulking Failure?

Some things that you should consider while installing exterior caulking:

  • Choose the right material
  • Remove the old before applying the new
  • Concentrate on the level of elasticity needed
  • Choose Quality Products

Choose the Right Material

You may use caulk as sealant for water leakage. You could also use it to get rid of sun exposure. The main thing to consider is getting the right material for each purpose. Not every type of sealing requires the same sealant material. For example: If you need to go with a silicone based sealant that cannot be painted, you will need to match the caulk before hand with your paint color (Even silicone based caulk is available in colors other than white).

Remove the Old Before Applying the Newcaulk failure leading to siding failure

If you are going to apply caulking, layers of old caulking under new won’t last longer. So, it is better to remove all of the old exterior caulking before applying a new one for longevity.

Concentrate on the Level of Elasticity Needed

It is very necessary for your caulking to have the required grade of elasticity or flexibility for the surface. So, get the caulking with the right elasticity for your surface.

Choose Quality Products

Use better quality products for filling up the gaps or cracks to get long lasting stay of exterior caulk on your surface. We use only the best caulking because we understand what is on the line when it comes to failure.

The Bottom Line

We have been working to resolve these issues for many years. You can contact to our experts in different areas to get the best suggestions and services. Areas where our experts can be available for you are:

We live in a humid climate. So, the rate of damage can increase in these areas. Our experts will help you get rid of the issues related to damages and will help you in repairing them. To get more information you can contact to our available experts at any time. Call GA: 912-250-4730 and SC: 843-410-5877 for a free quote.

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